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Company SPE is the largest supplier of the equipment and spare parts for different industrial enterprises. We will help You to open borders for deliveries of the equipment from all over the world. Thanks to the developed logistical network we provide rapid deliveries of the equipment from Your warehouse ‛to the doors‛ of the client.

We are able to solve questions of customs registration very quickly.

We have large and average enterprises of the oil refining, chemical, metallurgical, electropower, mining, car assembly, machine-building, textile, food, woodworking, pulp-and-paper industries among our clients.

We are ready to take upon ourselves all the questions connected with the representation of Your interests at the enterprise of the end user.

Big scopes of deliveries allow us to minimize expenses on delivery and registration of approvals for import to different countries and that essentially reduces costs of the equipment and spare parts for the end user. For today it is a very powerful factor for making final decision about purchase.

Advantages of the cooperation with us are:

  • Our experts carry out processing of orders, consultations of clients and preparations for deal fulfillment.
  • Thanks to our highly skilled employees we also provide our clients with after-sale technical support. Our experts have a good command of 3 foreign languages what allows us to provide every client with the necessary in-formation about his equipment.


We use only modern methods in working process:

  • active direct sales by phone
  • personal meetings with persons who are responsible for purchases at enterprises.
  • advertising on the Internet
  • placing information on a corporate site


We value every our client and are always flexible in solving any questions. The personal manager is allocated to every our client.

If you haven’t got any representative of Your company yet, we would be glad to become your partner.