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Pumps and pump plants

It is difficult to overestimate the role of pumping equipment in modern industry. Pumping equipment is designed for pumping air, water or any other substances.

Electric drives

An electric drive is an electromechanical system for driving executing mechanisms of working machines and for controlling this movement for the implementation of the process. A modern electric drive is an ensemble of multiple electrical machinery, apparatus and systems of management. It is a major consumer of electrical energy (60%) and the main source of mechanical energy in the industry.


During the modern era of high technology, all manufacturers and developers are making great efforts to improve the efficiency of production processes and related procedures. Along with the continuous development of electronics and software mechanical components of industrial equipment are improving.

Pneumatic Components

High-technology pneumatic components are used in most modern designs in the field of industrial automation. Despite the similarity of working principles of pneumatic and hydraulic systems, they have many differences, and the characteristics of each of them must be taken into account for handling of applied problems.


Hydraulic equipment is used in a broad range of industries for decades. Hydraulics can supply energy and control the movement of the machine through a stream of mineral or synthetic oils: more force and power can be safely used in any environment, making it easier for machines to increase performance, which in turn has a positive effect on the quality of the work. Various hydraulic systems are used in all industries.

Other spare parts

Any manufacturing equipment, no matter how modern and reliable it is, eventually needs replacement of some parts. Despite the continuous improvement of components, any sophisticated equipment is wearing or requiring regular replacement parts and exposed to factors that reduce the life of the components. An extensive range of spare parts for industrial equipment is necessary to solve complex production problems. Primarily wear of components leads to a reduction of functionality and performance of the equipment.

Units for engineering tools and other eguipment

Modern industrial production is developing with rapid speed, with one of its goals of complete exclusion of the use of manual labor and direct human intervention in the production process. Thus, today, the enterprises of the various scales widely use various semi-automatic or fully automatic production lines and plants, and the more specific the production is, the more difficult these lines and installations are. The multicomponent equipment necessitates a large number of parts, special versions of these items depending on the requirements of a particular

Filtration and Ventilation

The aim of industrial ventilation is to maintain the composition and the condition of the air in the production room to make it satisfy the hygienic requirements. In addition to hygienic there may be requirements arising from the characteristics of the production technology, from the storage conditions of the product, as well as from the safety of equipment and building structures.

Electrical Products

Electrical products can be divided into three main types: those, which generate electricity, those, which transmit it, and the products, which consume electricity.

Sensors and measurement instrumentation

All the processes of modern industry require careful monitoring and measurement, which are now carried out by using various test and measurement equipment. This equipment helps to provide high quality and continuity of technological manipulations. In addition, control-measuring tools provide functionality, control, diagnostics, check of the processes, control and management.